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At R&S Northeast, we are dedicated to providing quality service and a wide range of pharmaceutical products to our valued pharmacy clients. Our retail pharmacy customers enjoy the price advantages of a full line of products obtained through Generic Source Pharmaceutical agreements.

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Welcome to R&S Northeast

Pharmaceutical wholesaler

RS northeast pharmacyR&S Northeast, LLC, formerly Dixon-Shane Drug Company, has operated as a national pharmaceutical wholesaler since 1973. We are committed to providing the best supply chain option, whether it is primary or secondary, to meet their 340B and non-340B pharmaceutical and medical supply needs.

R&S Northeast’s Corporate Headquarters is located in Fountain Run, Kentucky and a Service and Distribution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We offer both GPO and Source pricing. R&S Northeast serves Community Health Centers, Hospitals, Health Departments, Women’s Health, Contract Pharmacies and more. R&S Northeast focuses on your pharmaceutical and medical supply needs so that you can focus on patient care.